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The Perfect Royal Icing

 Here's a quick and easy recipe for the perfect royal icing. Great for big cakes or your little cupcakes and cookies. Ingredients:657g (1.5lb) Icing Sugar3 Free-range Egg Whites3tsp Lemon Juice1.5tsp GlycerineExtra Egg Wh...



Doodle Your Cuppa!

 I have mugs... I have Sharpies... So why don't I have amazing jazzy mugs!!!  Tomorrow's morning coffee will be awesome!              ...



Check Out Our Swanky New Logo

 Hey Guys! Just thought that we would share our brand new logo. Look at how pretty it is all of it's black and cream 'vintagy goodness' ! #LogoLoveWe hope you all like it as much as us... and what do you think of the new tag line? ...



Cup-Burgers or Burger-Cakes?

 I can't make up my mind as to whether these look appetising or not? Haha !   Did you like our inspiration post? ... No... Literally, Did you Like it on Facebook. Drop us a comment and let us know what you thou...



Stencilled Cushion Covers!

 Love this idea!!We think Morrocan Panel, Houndstooth or Fleur De Lis would look great. All you need is a stencil! ... and fabric paint... and fabric... and a paint brush would probably help too!  ...



Note book covers and pen keeper

Hey Guys. Found an awesome little tutorial showing us how to easily and creatively cover our notebooks. Let's get crafting !!…/make-it-notepad-cover-a… Did you like o...



Funky Mouse Mats

 Mouse mats don't get enough credit... We gave ours a makeover to make it feel appreciated!All it took was a few dabs of glue and a once over with guilding flakes (Pink Nails are optional).   Did you like our inspir...