Festive Jar candle Holder


Came across this little idea last night. Find and old jar, mask off an area with you chosen design. Place an Artistic Flair Piece on your jar or die cut your design out of a bit of sticky backed material. Then spray away! 

Remember to peel off your mask before the paint dries so that it doesnt pull off any extra. Then all you have to do is add your finishing touches and fill the jar. What will you put in yours?

I am going to mask off mountain peaks around the bottom of the jar, paint on a light blue fade and then stencil on a few clouds. And next time I'm hill walking, I will bring home some rocks from the peak and fill my candle with those so that I will always rember that hike, unless its raining, then I will probably just sleep in!

Remember, it's all about 'crafting memories' at Artistic Flair! (yes, I know that was cheesy! haha!)




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